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🐶💜💕 #NationalDogDay

🐶💜💕 #NationalDogDay

Happy National Dog Day!

Happy National Dog Day!

I think Coke just told @risa_renee and I to get boyfriends😅💀

I think Coke just told @risa_renee and I to get boyfriends😅💀





Can we talk about the overload of cute coming from this picture?💕

Can we talk about the overload of cute coming from this picture?💕

Anonymous asked: Hi. I'm really behind on everything going on in Ferguson. School started for me on Monday, and so far, every day my psych teacher has talked about it, and I don't know how to feel about what he says because I'm no uninformed, but he tends to side with Wilson. It would be great if you could point me to somewhere I could get all the facts, hopefully in a straightforward, easy to digest way. Thanks.


Okay, so I have a masterpost I posted on fb for the less informed and I’ll copypaste it here. It gives some facts about Michael Brown, his death, and the police brutality that ensued afterward in Ferguson. A LOT more has happened in Ferguson since I made this post, but there is plenty of evidence below to help you base an opinion.

I can tell you right now that there is absolutely no reason to believe Wilson’s story. There is overwhelming evidence against him and Michael Brown has unjustly (and incorrectly) been framed as a criminal by the mainstream media. Here are some facts:

Michael Brown:

  • Two people who witnessed the shooting of Michael Brown told the SAME story. They both said the officer pulled his gun from his car, Michael Brown put up his hands, and the officer shot him several times. One of the witnesses said the officer shot Michael once in the head and then got out of the car, walked over to his body, and shot him four more times [1] [2] [3].
  • If you don’t believe the witnesses, Michael Brown’s autopsy shows he was shot at least six times [4]. Yes, this report does say that Michael Brown may not have been shot from close range because there is no gun powder residue on his body, BUT the medical examiner was NOT GIVEN ACCESS to his clothing, where gun powder residue is most likely to be found if there is any.
  • Again, two separate witnesses told the exact same story. It is not the witnesses who cannot keep their stories straight. It is the police.
  • There is surveillance footage that shows who police are saying is Michael Brown robbing a store the day he was killed, but the video is timestamped June, not the day Brown was killed [5]. Also, the owner of the store has publicly said that he does not believe the robber in the footage is Michael Brown [6]. All evidence points to the fact that Michael Brown did NOT rob a store, but even if he did, that isn’t a reason to be shot to death. (EDIT: New evidence shows that a there isn’t even a robbery to speak of in this footage.)
  • Not to mention, Officer Darren Wilson, the cop who shot Michael Brown, DIDN’T EVEN KNOW BROWN WAS A ROBBERY SUSPECT [7].

Aftermath in Ferguson, Missouri:

  • Following Michael Brown’s unjust death, citizens of Ferguson flooded the streets in a peaceful protest. The crowd was not a riot in the least, and wasn’t rowdy at all except for occasionally yelling, “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” or “What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!” or “No justice, no peace!” [8]. No laws were being broken.
  • Police claim protestors were throwing molotov cocktails. Who knows if this is true or not? But it’s certain that there is video evidence of police shooting rubber bullets and tear gas into crowds. Seems like, during all this video recording, there would be at least one video of a protestor doing this, but I’ve been really on top of this case, and I haven’t seen one.
  • Police have been shooting tear gas and rubber bullets into peaceful crowds [8], even after backing them up a block and a half and them holding their hands up to show they are peaceful and unarmed [9].
  • There is also video evidence of a Ferguson officer telling the media to turn off their cameras [9].
  • Many have defended police action in Ferguson by saying there are looters and rioters. Think about this for a minute. All the live streams you see are of police abusing peaceful protestors, not looters. Even if there is a looting problem in Ferguson, police are, no doubt, abusing innocent citizens. Not to mention, it’s pretty obvious that people will start committing crimes when police are too busy abusing innocent people to do anything about it.
  • Large wooden pellets have been shot into crowds, many people getting hit by them. The police have denied use of these but there is photo evidence [10].
  • A large number of people are starting to say people are photo shopping their rubber bullet bruises, but the IAmMikeBrown livestream has video evidence of a man’s bruise [8].
  • A young woman was deliberately shot in the head by the police, who were trying to make it look like a “drive by” [11]. The same woman was told to “go fuck yourself” when she called 911 for emergency assistance when children were blinded by tear gas [11]. The news says a woman was harmed in a drive by shooting [12]. Originally the police claimed her injuries were fatal, but of course this cannot be found from updated articles. The police also took the bullet from her skull into evidence but DID NOT interview her to ask her what she knew about who shot her [13]. Of course, this is because they already knew.

*To stay updated, along with reading the articles and tweets that come up on my dash every day, I check this livestream daily. This is an amazing place to get information about the police brutality that is happening in Ferguson.

*For more new information:

  • southern-feminism.tumblr.com/tagged/ferguson
  • reverseracism.tumblr.com/tagged/ferguson
  • whitepeoplesaidwhat.tumblr.com/tagged/ferguson
  • fyeahcracker.tumblr.com/tagged/ferguson
  • samanticshift.tumblr.com/tagged/ferguson
  • smitethepatriarchy.tumblr.com/tagged/ferguson
  • therainbowgorilla.tumblr.com/tagged/ferguson

There are lots of people blogging about this, but I know for a fact that the blogs above are reblogging new information often and have a /tagged for it.


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-for Michael Brown-

Michael, we hear it.
The rust in your breathing.
The road stretched far too long; the sirens
rearing up like horses chasing fox.
The bloodhounds with their thirst
behind the wheel. Pistol. Badge.

It is a terrible machine, Michael.
A cold, anonymous steel. In your…

So let me get this straight…


The Ferguson police department was forced to release an incident report with the freedom of information act by the ACLU.  When the ACLU gets the report it only has Michael Brown’s date of death and nothing about the incident and it was filed two days ago.

So that means that the Darren Wilson never filed an incident report on killing a young man and his superiors covered that up by approving and making up an incident report.

But he’s only on administrative leave?

Right.  America.




they knocked over a monk for no reason you can see it happen she slammed her head on the ground…
all they wanted was the “leader” we were barely in the street the Cops made it escalate
and only when we were out of the public view.


The Ferguson Police Department STILL has not released a police report from the shooting of Michael Brown. They did release a FULL police report AND video AND stills from what they ADMIT is an unrelated incident in which the shooting victim, Michael Brown, THEY say, was implicated in a theft at a convenience store earlier in the day on the day police killed him. They released ALL of that, but NO police report, still to this day, from the shooting of Michael Brown. They still have also not released the autopsy results from the county autopsy of Michael Brown. Today, the Ferguson Police Department turned down a request from NBC News to please see the personnel file of the officer who’s been named as the shooter of Michael Brown. The ONLY thing they would release is his name, the day he was hired, and his salary. They would not release any other details from his police file. The one substantive piece of information that the Ferguson Police Department DID decide to release about the officer implicated in the shooting, the ONE piece of information they HAVE decided to release, was THIS video that they released today, showing the officer in question receiving a COMMENDATION from the City Council for good police work.

Rachel Maddow. Thursday, Aug. 21st. (via iwriteaboutfeminism)

(Source: kingjaffejoffer)

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